Friday, December 31, 2010

Blame the coffee- it's been exactly 11 months since I have blogged....

Ok, it's been a LONG time since i have been here. It's not my fault I'm back, it's the coffee. It has a strange effect. So. Last year. I'd say it was alright. Busy. I didn't realize how much a toddler can do. I remember when Will was this age, I thought my sister was crazy, how did she keep up with him? He was a pretty "easy" toddler. That's an oxymoron. He just made me need a nap. Little did I know Lola could make Will look lazy. It's funny how things change once you have no choice to keep up with them- yesterday I was exhausted after dinner. My belly was full and I haven't been sleeping enough.... Never leave your plate on the table with a 2 year old around. Especially when her plate is still full of beans because after I gave her a second helping of them and brought out an apple for dessert she decided the apple was more fun to eat. I closed my eyes, I wasn't asleep, I could hear her. She was drinking the rest of my water.... Then I look back and there's beans, quinoa and water in a big nasty mess. Dang it.

Anyway, this is what has changed in the past year:
Well I have a bad memory so let's go out of order:
-We went on some good vacations this summer, and Lola even loved the beach this time!
-Lola turned two, she had a lot of fun at her birthday party too!
-Lola started preschool and has the same teacher Will had, and Finn is in her class. They are actually good friends now even... As good of friends as two year olds can be anyway. Lola really likes school at least after the initial dropping off time is over...
-Ok, this is the craziest thing this year. We got a dog puppy. I wanted a rescue dog but things have changed. Pound puppies cost nearly as much as pet store puppies. So we got a border collie/cocker spaniel puppy from the newspaper and he looks a lot like an english setter with his black and white fur and spotted nose, square face and long legs. Very cute, very bad dog. He's getting better luckily, I think four months is the "bad" age, just like babies have their hard stages.....
-Christmas was awesome this year, Lola was really excited and Christmas morning was awesome. Her kitchen is definitely high on her list of favorites and she also got playdoh- like a lap table that holds all the supplies. Makes life so much easier and Lola is very grateful that I finally let her play with playdoh now HAH
-Most recently, Eddy got a new job, back to Express he goes! With a decent raise :)

Alright, enough of the past, look to the future!
So.... Resolutions....Should I be realistic? who cares....
-First off I want to really focus a lot of energy on making my business work. It's going to work! ..... in case you were wondering. I'm expanding the site to include women's hair accessories, my sister is my guinea pig. Now for goals. Specifically!
1. Find 1-2 days minimum to make stock.
2. Keep the site up to date each week.
3. Inventory, Inventory, Inventory! Also weekly task.
4. eh, that's enough for the time being, I will revise after I meet these goals.

-Must get organized! Grocery lists! Weekly budgets!

-We must move, have to find a good place to move to, preferably with a yard and a fence. But we don't have a lot of cash to work with, I want to stay in the city. This is the most unrealistic goal I have.... I should go on that show where they find you a place to rent, except they almost never keep the people in the area they want to live in. Whatever

-Oh! And ...what else. Damn dog made me lose my train of thought. Oh yea, less tv, I really want to reduce my general screen time, including internet.

-And cooking meals at home! This should be a little easier since Meg got me "The Family Dinner" book, there are a lot of quick, kid friendly recipes. So Eddy will like them ;) I REALLY want to get Lola eating healthier. Today she was eating Megan's spinach salad with mangoes and chicken. And it was spicy! Oh and it had quinoa in it too! Trying to get her on the quinoa wagon, ...and me too, I'm not really a rice, grain, whatever kind of person but so far it's tolerable. I got a stomach virus the night I ate it last and it just won't leave the back of my mind and that was over the summer, that's how long it's taken me to try it again. lol

We need to move just so I can get organized again, I swear it's the only way to get SUPER organized, box it all up and put it all back in order and then figure out where it goes all over again. There was a house for rent down the street.... But that was a while ago, it was generally perfect, minus the terrible carpet upstairs and the crazy '70s mirrored wall up the steps. More bedrooms would be awesome, I need a guest room! Poor Lola has to share her room with anyone who comes to visit. and wood floors, oh how I would love to have wood floors, and for crype's sake a kitchen table just doesn't work on carpet! yuck! Lola spilled her soup on the carpet today. And she barfed pink on it a couple weeks ago, those stains just don't come out. They don't! I drive through the neighborhood and see all the cute houses and I can just picture us living there, I see us playing outside when the weather's nice without having to share our space with all the random people.
We will see... 2011 will be good, it has to be!