Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have neglected you. I do it often, and I apologize. I don't know how it happens because I feel like I never have anything going on. I mean I have a 2 1/2 year old, who is laying on me as I type. Kneeing the keyboard, pushing the laptop, hitting buttons as she rolls, and her own personal favorite- holding down the power button.
Some things I have been up to recently:
1. Staring longingly at pictures of people's craft rooms on their blogs.
This is NOTHING compared to how beautiful the rest of her craft studio looks!

 Go here to see the rest! (and read her great blog!)

 2. Staring longingly at pictures of people's craft tutorials on their blogs.
3. Staring longingly at. No I'm kidding, I don't think there's any more of that. I don't think 
4. Driving to Ohio for my great grandma's 100th birthday party, complete with Elvis
*name tags were required!*
5. Cleaning? Maybe? Eh, I don't know what else I have been doing. Sewing. In fact today I am going to sew the pants for my niece that I have been putting off for a long time now. I hope they turn out as cute as they look in my head!

Mostly I have been busy in my head. My brain is exhausted! I don't know where these bloggers find all this time to make so many awesome things, and they all have little kids at home. Don't their toddlers dump out their craft boxes on the floor and pour glitter on their table too? This is why I stare longingly at their craft rooms, though considering I spent an absurd number of hours sewing yesterday- cut me some slack, I came up with pattern for the apron and place mats off the top of my head- I can only imagine what Lo would have been up to had I been locked away in my *awesome* craft room of my dreams. 
Ok, this is why my brain is always tired. I have also decided that I will be trying out the bow ties for my nephews today as well. Hopefully I can get both accomplished while Lo is napping. OH! And I'm supposed to go to my sister's for dinner tonight. Well, in this case then I really want to have these little gems finished. And maybe a shirt to go with the pants. I have an idea. 

If the bow ties turn out well then I will be adding them to the site (hopefully tonight I can get a cute picture of Will in his, he's usually quite a ham so I'm guessing he will cooperate!) At least I can put off "what to have for dinner tonight" for another night. That is also another all-consuming part of my day-and another way to waste time with my nose shoved in cook books/cooking blogs :)
Ta Ta! Thinking it's an early lunch/nap day for the crazy girl!