Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Prrrrroducts

How exciting, I'm kicking up the sewing! After sewing a few aprons, pillow covers and the bedding in Lola's room I have realized how much I LOVE sewing. I have the cutest ideas for girls AND boys. Yay for more boy products! Right?!
I can't wait for all the spring holidays, I'm seeing coordinating Easter outfits for brothers and sisters/cousins and...cousins/pairs of future arranged marriages/etc... For boys there will be ties, vests and bow ties as well as diaper covers-all great for photograph(er)s, special occasions or everyday dapper dudes!
For the little ladies there will be dresses, matching bloomers (with or without the awesome ruffles), ruffle pants or capris- I may be able to make pants for the boys as well but I don't want to make any promises, they may look a little feminine so I'm going to practice on a pair for my nephew first :) Ummmmm what else do I have up my sleeve? I have the fabric for the  pants for my niece- these are more of a loungey type pants and for Norah they are going be capris. Lola's I just made regular length.
Can't forget the tiny babies, the gift sets with cotton beanies, onsies and burp cloths. I'm also thinking about sewing reversable newsboy caps for boys and girls.
Let me know what you think! Going to go play around with my Cricut now, see if I can make my own fabric flowers- matching flower headbands with those new dresses maybe?! ....Might try to lose the dog outside too. Whose idea was it to get a puppy???? Don't answer that......

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shaking things up

This took me longer to write than expected so the beginning is from last night and the end is from this morning ;)
Tonight I am babysitting my sister's three kids who are 6, 4 and almost 3. Add Lola to that, and you get some funny looks at Chick Fil A. Forgot my wedding ring too so people see a girl who looks about 19 calling herself mommy (to only Lola but I doubt they were paying that much attention) The two tables across from us were looking in our direction a lot. I probably looked even crazier because the kids kept going in the play area and immediately after I would slather on the Purel, by the third time the kids were fighting back....

My sewing addiction has been ignited again after making Lola a new pair of pants out of some of my favorite Amy Butler fabric... No, actually it was the black/yellow bird fabric I made a tiny pillow cover out of for the chair Lola got for Christmas that started it all. I winged that pattern... it wasn't a bad job and I'm pretty proud that I came up with it on my own. Today I got it in my head that I would make covers for the nasty throw pillows on the couch and it just happened that i had the perfect fabric to tie in with the rest of the house but add some punches of blue and the slightest touch of green. 
Pardon the messy table, I was still in the crafting process :)
This leads me to my next issue. Iphones are NOT made to take pictures that are all that great. While I have do access to an awesome camera I never seem to take any pictures with it unless I have multiple items that need photographed which means at least half the things, most often gifts,  I make within 30 minutes of leaving the house on the way to the party are never seen by anyone but the recipient/guests. Not very smart!
In other news I am seriously considering selling these new creations on the site - the pants, pillow covers (I think I would even be able to sell them with an insert but I have to look into that before making any promises) and a new cape/blanket I made for Lola a few days ago. OH! And the knitted booties and headband/earwarmers! AND the hair accessories for women, I need more supplies but I have already made a few for my sister. Man I am excited about all these new things....Oh and I need to post the hearts and bunny hair clips and I have a few holiday shirts in the works as well, I'm thinking ribbon and marabou, oh I can't wait to show you all the shirts!
Ok, enough rambling, here's one more (bad Iphone picture) of the holiday bows I already made, the bunny isn't actually crooked like the picture makes it look... dang it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

So I have this friend....

Good news everyone, I have lowered prices once again on the site. Yaaaaaayyyyyy! No seriously, I lowered them, see for yourself bows, clips, and some headbands!

Oh, about that friend. I like her complaints. "I need a job" "I'm so bored" "My mom didn't do my laundry". I want to be annoyed by her annoyances. In an effort to not be lazy she decided to get a book and the library, sit her ass in the sand and read by the beach. Confused? Me too. The only time I miss living in Florida is when I think about relaxing in the sand and listening to the waves. But then I remember the bath water ocean, the still and sweltering air and the feel of my skin sizzling while I work up a nice sun burn and my senses return. 

Now onto something of great importance.
Don't fall for the innocent look...
This dog you see here, he looks cute right? Well it's a sham. He can shred something and make the biggest mess in less than a minute flat. He can run. Fast. His favorite thing to do is bark at the cat. During nap time. And at 11 pm. But he's learning, and he is even allowed out while we are eating. Sometimes...
He fools you with his charming looks, his goofy head tilt with the smirk only dogs are capable of. Then without warning he jumps at your face. Damn.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2/1/2011 or 1/2/11, whichever you prefer

Already I have not made good on my resolutions. Break them early and there's less disappointment ;)
I still haven't taken down my decorations. That's a  bit too depressing, the over-crowded, glowing lighted-ness makes things feel cozy. Especially when you don't have a fireplace to take over where the Christmas lights leave off. I can't even remember all my ideas of what I would change this year but I thought keeping things tidy was at least a mental note and right now it's TRASHED in here, Lola's toys scattered, the clothes I still need to hang in the closet piled in a basket, the summer clothes I had forgotten in the back of the closet still sitting on top of the storage box waiting to be folded and put inside.
I did clean the bathroom, like, shower curtain and bleach and grout et all. That's a start. Sorry environment for all the chemicals but every once in a while it just NEEDS a serious clean that isn't often found in organic cleaners.
I'm exhausted after a fun night last night at my sister's house and a game of scrabble on the cool new wooden board... that I lost by only 20 points after giving up trying to find a place to lay all my tiles down at once and sealing my victory. Because it was already 11 pm and I was tired.
To feel better about my lack of physical constructiveness I cleaned out the website's email... not exactly useful but it was nice to sort my personal email so...
Oh I know what else has been on my mind. What the heck is with the Luv's commercial where the babies crap their pants for the highest score? Who are the people who get paid to come up with diaper commercials? And where is the Depends commercial like that? And if poo references gives someone a paycheck where can I sign up?

I'm going to use this blog as a way to keep everyone up to date with changes to the website as well as a place to ramble meaningless nothings. I'm researching new products for women's hair, I'm big into pretty metal headbands for myself and it will definitely be in store for the near future.