Friday, October 7, 2011

an afternoon, told (mostly) through pictures

When the weather is as perfect as the last few days I really look forward to pickup from preschool. The school has the ever popular "climbing tree" plus an endless field for the kids to run off the last of their energy and is just what you want for a nice picnic... That is, if you actually pack one. Which I did not, because I need to go to the store. Anyway, so Megan drops Finn off around 9:45 on Fridays and the kids play- today they were proud parents to two pink puppies "daddy, our babies are kweyeing!" and Finn would answer "OH NO! Wets go get dem! It ok babies!" Until it's time to hop in the car and get Norah. These two were on a roll today, double trouble for sure. 
Thing 1: Hear no evil                                Thing 2: See no evil  
They were Great White Sharks and Lelania was eating Finn :)

 Then it's time for the climbing tree! Lola is just starting to dare to climb. Getting down is a little trickier but she solves that by loosening her grip and swinging her feet off the branch and basically free-falling...
Spiderman, Spiderman
Time for a snack break
Over to the field. We lucked out and a friend brought mini bagels to tide us over until lunch.
As you can see, the girls are all about the tutu's and dresses.
Dancing is just better with a flouncy dress!
Swinging sticks will earn you a few minutes hanging out with the grown ups.... Even if it was  a sword fight and "it juss happen!" when you accidentally hit someone.
After a great time in the sunshine it was time for lunch. We met Meg at Panera and the kids were very pleased :)
The best ending to a big day is passing out on the floor...

I have to tell you- a little bit after I took this picture I think Lola was sleep walking. She sat up so I took her in her room to get her jammies on and she walked just outside of her door and started talking gibberish and then cracked up. When I brought her back in and laid her down to get dressed she rolled over and was instantly asleep. So weird!

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